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What is the TrackMan Golf Launch Monitor?

As a fitting tool, TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor has many facets that help to get the best from one's clubs. Primarily it gives us an accurate physical measurement of ball dynamics in flight, which identifies how efficiently clubs are performing. Through testing with varying options of shaft weight, bend profile, flex and club loft, it provides hard evidence which our club-fitting team uses to help identify the best club set up for a player.

The TrackMan simulator provides data on the club head dynamics through the ball, giving information on club head speed, club head path, angle of attack, face angle at impact, impact location and dynamic loft as well as producing a 3D graphic of this data. This is key as the ball dynamics themselves can often be explained by certain aspects of the club head data. For example, angle of attack with the driver has a strong influence on spin rate and launch angle and can override many aspects of the club set-up, as a result affecting any potential equipment recommendations.

This valuable information can double the effects of any equipment changes and, if there are any alterations to the swing shape and base club head data that will improve the ball dynamics, it is important to prioritise these changes in order to make the end product more efficient and the player's performance more consistent.

Data captured can be forwarded on to a client's swing coach to then work on improving their action and ultimately create a long-term solution rather than a temporary quick fix.

For more information on the TrackMan launch monitor give the experts at Precision Golf a call on 01932 977777.

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