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Precision Golf is the leading provider of custom fitted golf clubs in Europe. Our extensive expertise and independent knowledge in the field are tailored to your specific needs allowing us to arrive at remedial solutions to re-shaft existing club heads or hand build you new clubs from any major brands in our onsite custom workshop.

Whilst our state-of-the-art studio, which is powered by Cool Clubs technology, assists in helping to identify each individual's profile, our task here at Precision Golf is to ultimately guide each player in the direction of the right equipment to suit their needs, from the thousands of possible components; to assemble each head, shaft and grip to meet your exact, appropriate, specifications.

In particular, the technical data required for effective equipment analysis requires expert interpretation, with all advice carefully considered in the context of a player's individual objectives, physiology, playing needs and mental approach, as well as their tuition plans and budget.

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Authorised fitting facility

Our approach therefore encourages the detailed input of each golfer, helping us to understand why they are experiencing difficulties in the first place. In this way, rather than simply telling each client what clubs to play with, we work together to assess our interpretation of objective data in their individual context along with over 12,000 head shaft combinations. Effective clubfitting is therefore as much an art as a science.

While the perfect golf swing is a lifelong quest, our experience shows that the vast majority of golfers can benefit from a personalized equipment makeover that delivers improved distance, accuracy and enjoyment without a necessary commitment to a change in technique.



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Julian Roberson

Gog Magog GC, Handicap 5

"I was a bit dubious about whether the new clubs would make that much of a difference, but they have turned my golf game around!"


David Langley

Castle Royal GC, Handicap +4

"Precision Golf is the only company I truly trust to build me the right equipment, they are honest and offer great value for money when compared to other fitters."


Peter Sung

South Buckinghamshire GC, Handicap 17

Having lost strength on my right arm and hand due to a car accident Precision Golf made clubs for me so that I can still enjoy golf, to me that is magic. Thanks Guys!