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SST Pure

SST PURE ( STRATEGIC SHAFT TECHNOLOGIES) is a patented shaft alignment technology. Precision Golf is one of very few studios in the UK to use this licensed technology. Used by hundreds of Tour Pros securing nearly $2 billion in prize money, SST Pure is not a technology reserved for the better golfer. Precision Golf PUREs every shaft we build, this ensures the shafts selected for a specific purpose perform neutrally. Many might argue that only better golfers can feel the difference between a shaft that has been PUREd and one that has not. That's as maybe but, how can a golfer compensate a shaft induced shot shape or misfit that they can't feel? Higher handicap golfers will often experience straighter mis-hits as a result of less side spin through a more consistent face angle at impact. Not every shaft needs PUREing but EVERY shaft will benefit from being PUREd.

sst pure