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PG Custom Clubworks — Custom Made Golf Clubs

The milling machine in PG's custom workshop allows us to undertake bespoke projects, such as milling a sight-line or sight-dot on your favourite forged putter. We are also able to port holes on the rear of most wedge heads; this method, called porting, is frequently carried out on Tour. This allows us to modify club head weight to achieve optimum balance for a build specification when a manufacturer does not offer a lighter head weight.

Our Made to Measure Golf Club Options

Precision Golf can build your PG custom fit golf clubs to look like standard off-the-shelf equipment, but perform like a wolf in sheep's clothing. For those who like to make a statement on the first tee, we can integrate your favourite colours into the custom build. Precision Golf will always offer, when available, a full range of custom shaft colours or complementary grip colours and ferrules. For more subtle personalisation you might like your initials or family names hand-stamped on the back of your wedges, paint filled in your favourite colour. Please ask your fitter for colour options during your custom golf fitting appointment.


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