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Woods Custom Fitting

£175 (Approx. 2 Hours)

Woods Fitting comprise of a comprehensive assessment of your long game involving all elements of a Driver, Fairway wood and Hybrid fitting. In order to provide you with completely bespoke custom golf woods, a number of processes need to be carried out to ensure an ideal outcome. This involves a detailed analysis of how your current woods are set up, along with discussing your strengths and weaknesses in this part of the bag. Our aim is for you to achieve maximum distance off the tee with the Driver, by optimising ball flight and without giving up accuracy. Fairway wood fitting will provide you with versatility for use, off the tee or grass, for more controlled distance gapping. Lastly, hybrids will be fitted bridging the gap between woods and your longest iron for confident shot-making. Each and every aspect of your golf game will be carefully considered to ensure that you will not be disappointed with your woods custom fitting.

Any of these remedial solutions could be achieved by simply re-shafting your existing club heads or by building you entirely new clubs from any brand. One of our expert team members will be able to provide you with in-depth advice and guidance so that you are able to make an informed decision and your custom golf woods are exactly what you had hoped for.

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wood custom fitting


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