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Custom Wedge Grinding

Price Varies (from £5 per club)

Our custom wedge grinding service is carried out by our experienced club-fitters and club builders who will work closely with you to enhance the grind on existing wedges. Alternatively, we can modify the standard grind on new wedges allowing you to play your perfect shot type. This involves hand grinding the sole of the club, allowing players to have more efficient contact with the ground and facilitating maximum shot versatility.

The consequences of wedge grinding must be closely examined since any headweight removed on reshaping the sole must be reintroduced to maintain a balanced feel. However, there are instances when removing headweight is for the better where swingweight is too heavy. Either way, our club fitters will guide you through the whole process ensuring the sole profile of each wedge is perfectly fit for purpose.

For more information about our wedge grinding services or to book an appointment, please get in touch below.

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