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Personalised Golf Wedges

£60 (Approx. 1 Hour)

Wedges are a very personal part of your bag and the correct setup is key to shooting lower scores. Wedges come in a variety of lofts, finishes and grinds and depending on the set make up of your bag, you may have the wedge fitting is to address all these points. This involves a detailed understanding of the shots you like to play and if you play your golf primarily on inland or links conditions. We are also able to adapt a standard retail sole shape by hand grinding to customise a grind further. Wedges also need to be setup with a shaft that is going to provide you with unparalleled shot making and distance control and we feel that with over 75 steel and graphite shafts to select from, there is no greater selection in Europe. Why not have a look at a full bag custom fitting?

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custom wedges