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Custom Golf Wedges

£85 (Approx. 1 Hour)

Here at Precision Golf, we are able to offer wedge custom fittings designed to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Wedges are a very personal part of your bag and the correct setup is key playing well and achieving the ultimate goal of shooting lower scores. Wedges come in a variety of lofts, finishes and grinds and depending on the set make-up of your bag, you will find the wedge custom fitting is to address all of these points. In order to be able to carry out custom golf wedge fitting, our team will take the time to understand the types of shots you would like to play and if you play your golf primarily on inland or links conditions. This detailed understanding is what helps us to provide an outstanding custom wedge fitting service. Custom fitted wedges can dramatically improve your playing potential and game, enabling you to hit further and more accurate. If you have a standard sole shape, we’re able to provide wedge custom fitting and grinding to customise a grind further, enabling you to have a more customised wedge bespoke to your playing style. Our custom wedge fittings also provide a shaft that is going to give you unparalleled shot-making and distance control. With over 75 steel and graphite shafts to select from, there is no greater selection of custom golf wedges in Europe offering the same high quality and playing experience. We also offer full bag custom fitting, for the ultimate customisation.

For more information about our wedge custom fitting or any of the other services that we provide, please get in touch to discuss or book an appointment.

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