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Custom-Fit Junior Golf Clubs

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Over the last decade, Precision Golf has nurtured hundreds of junior swings with custom made golf clubs to suit budding golfers as young as 9. Many who have utilised our junior golf club fitting service have gone on to represent their county, some have played for their country, a few now play on Professionals Tours, and some took part in the Walker Cup and 2018 Junior Ryder Cup.

Are Custom Made Junior Golf Clubs Really Worth It?

Up to a certain age, by far the most appropriate clubs to suit juniors are from US Kids Golf. This is solely down to US Kids manufacturing much lighter head weights, with a combination of lighter shafts at different lengths; it is our professional opinion that we fit younger juniors into this brand.

However, before you decide to buy off the shelf and cut down a new set of adult clubs, this could potentially ingrain negative swing traits that may stay with a budding golfer for many years. Whilst this is probably how most golfers today learnt to play, this is because there were not the options available decades ago that there are today. It is for this reason, we do not fit juniors into adult heads until they are physically strong enough to manage the increased headweight. Instead, our custom junior golf clubs will be tailored towards their specific needs and help to improve their golf game from the beginning.

Parents understandably want to give their children the very best opportunity to develop their game. By keeping them away from cut down models the Pros play with, you’ll be doing exactly that. Your children will most likely shoot lower scores against their peers who have ventured down that route.

Will I Keep Having To Change Clubs As My Child Grows?

Regardless of age and ability, we are able to provide custom-made golf clubs for any junior golfer. The point they have reached in their physical development will dictate the types of heads we recommend. There are many options available to Precision Golf that we can fit juniors with once we can start using standard adult heads, and the investment should see these heads lasting into adulthood.

When physically strong enough, juniors can move into adult weighted club heads. Whether this is the best option for your child will be determined during a club-fitting. Using adult weighted club heads opens up a wider variety of head and shaft options allowing our fitters to build in room for growth to extend the longevity of the clubs. We would then normally recommend returning every 18 months for a reassessment to determine if we can extend the clubs to last a further year. However, we will also be able to establish whether a slightly heavier shaft is more suited as your child gains strength and speed. We are very mindful of this investment so will always work to a budget when required.

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