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Golf Iron Custom Fitting

£175 (Approx. 2 Hours)

The objective of an iron custom fitting is to survey the setup and performance of your existing irons and wedges, establishing areas of deficit in performance through the use of technology. With over 75 iron shafts in every model, weight and flex, there is no better test selection in Europe to arrive at a remedial solution for any performance-related issue. While we will always recommend re-shafting existing equipment where appropriate, we can also test virtually any current iron on the market to hand-build you a new iron model or combination set from any brand.

The Benefits Of Custom Iron Golf Club Fitting

Every golfer has different swing dynamics depending on their size, strength, athletic ability and technique. Iron head design can complement unique playing styles. Therefore, careful consideration and independent product knowledge from our experienced iron custom fitter are vital to evaluating suitability.

After testing relevant heads from all manufacturers which fall within your suited head design, we will offer tailored advice on recommended set makeup. If your existing iron heads are appropriate, we will always advocate a re-shaft before looking at building your new irons. However, recommendations are always backed up with visible TrackMan launch monitor data, demonstrating performance gains.

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