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Womens’ Golf Club Fitting

We provide ladies’ golf club fittings and build bespoke clubs on-site which will improve on-course performance at any level.

Why is it important to have correctly fitted clubs?

We often hear of women using standard clubs to play golf, which could be hindering their performance for various reasons.

The reason for this is that men and women generally have a vastly different swing, due to the speed and physical power differences often found between the two genders.

Women are often found to possess more passive, rotational swings based around tempo and timing to generate club speed, while men are often guilty of more aggressive transitional swings, using more power and shaft lag.

While ladies clubs as standard often feature lighter, more flexible shafts and a shorter length, this doesn’t take into account how vastly different each individual is.

Recent TrackMan studies indicated that the average driver swing speed on the PGA Tour is 113mph, whereas the average speed on the LPGA Tour is 94mph.

Some women are taller, others are shorter. Some are stronger while others are less strong. Some may be new to the game, while others are seasoned players. All of this must be taken into account when it comes to choosing a set of clubs that will allow you to reach your maximum potential. This is why we recommend...

Bespoke Golf Club Fitting For Women

Our custom fitting service begins by looking at how your existing club setup is made up. We will survey every aspect of your clubs, including length, digital frequency, face angle, digital swingweight and more. This in-depth analysis will help us to identify the cause of any existing performance-related issues that you may have. This also provides us with an opportunity to highlight any inconsistencies throughout the bag.

Our hand-built equipment, whilst using club heads from all recognised brands, will take into consideration any physical limitations or previous injuries that a golfer has sustained to establish whether these may have an impact on your swing with any particular type of club.

We will then capture dynamic data using the highly acclaimed TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor and your existing clubs, using this data as a benchmark for improvement. Utilising the latest interchangeable head and shaft technology we can test any combination to find the best setup for your needs.

Don’t let incorrectly fitted or standard ladies clubs hinder performance. Contact us today to book a ladies’ golf club fitting or for more information.

Full Custom Golf Bag Fitting


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