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Custom Fairway Wood Fitting

£125 (Approx. 1 ½ Hours)

Many people believe that if a shaft works well in a driver then it will also perform in a fairway wood, but this is rarely the case.

The driver is designed as a maximum distance tool, whereas fairway woods are designed for exactly what their name is, finding the fairway where a driver is too long off the tee or playing from the fairway. Fairway wood golf clubs often require a slightly heavier shaft for flight and control rather than primarily for distance, and due to being a shorter length than the driver. Through comprehensive analysis and testing of your existing fairway woods, as well as feedback on your requirements from this part of the bag, we are able to find the perfect solution. Our experts will either recommend rebuilding your existing club heads, or to build new clubs from any leading brand. We are confident we have the most comprehensive head and shaft inventory in Europe, allowing us to find a combination that not only produces the perfect flight, but also meets your visual requirements. Confidence is not only standing over a club that produces good numbers, but it has to please the eye too.

For more information on our custom fairway wood fittings, any of our other products and services, give our team a call on 01932 977777. Alternatively, to book an appointment please see below.

fairway wood fitting


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