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Dynamic Loft & Lie Adjustments And Alterations

£75 (Approx. 45 Mins)

Whilst loft and lie adjustments for golf clubs have normally only been realistic with forged club heads, many cast models these days are easily adjusted, so that they can be altered to fit you and your playing style. A dynamic loft and lie check and adjustment involve striking each iron on an impact board and adjusting to ensure the clubhead strikes evenly across its sole. This simple adjustment is often undervalued by most golfers and can have a dramatic impact on your game for very little outlay. Despite its simplicity, it is extremely worth considering utilising this service, to improve your performance on the golf course.

What is Loft Angle?

The angle of the face of the club controls trajectory and therefore affects distance and height. There is no set loft angle, each manufacturer and brand will vary, and fall somewhere differently on the dynamic loft chart. When determining which loft angle is best for you, it is very much down to individual preference - this is dependent on your desired ball flight. If you have a longer club, reducing your dynamic loft may be beneficial.

What is Lie Angle?

Lie angle refers to the angle there is from the shaft to the ground when positioned in your usual playing stance. When your lie angle is correct for you, it should allow the sole of the clubhead to strike the ground flat. When your lie angle isn’t correct, it will be difficult to make good ball contact, which will negatively affect your performance. Lie angle adjustments are necessary for golfers who are either particularly tall, or short. When you invest in loft and lie adjustment, you will notice a significant difference in your golf game.

Why Choose Us for Loft and Lie Adjustment?

At Precision Golf, not only do we utilise our wealth of experience and expertise within the field, but we also have access to the latest technology to ensure that the results we deliver are extremely beneficial to you. We are always on hand to provide you with in-depth advice so that you are able to make an informed decision.

For more information on our loft and lie adjustment service, or to book an appointment, please see below.

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