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Golf Club Regripping Services

Price Varies (From £8 per grip)

Grip condition is often overlooked, and having incorrectly sized or worn grips can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your clubs. The grip is the only mechanism that connects you to the clubs and, therefore, the fit should be perfect. After all, you wouldn’t choose to walk around in shoes two sizes too small or too large; your grips should be no different.

However, it must not be assumed that a grip will be the same on every shaft. In fact, shafts can vary considerably in diameter, and the way in which they taper towards the clubhead can affect grip size. Our experienced club-builders factor this in so that grips are sized consistently throughout the whole bag regardless of shaft types, resulting in the correct grip pressure every time. Our golf club regripping service carefully evaluates your current club grips and how these affect your swing. Our tailored grips result in a consistent feel and a smoother game.

How will I know when to change my grips?

How much you play will determine how often you have to get your clubs regripped. Typically, if you play 3 or 4 times a month, we would recommend you consider regripping your clubs once a year. If you struggle with a secure grip, chances are you need the condition or sizing of your grips assessed professionally.

For more information about our golf club regripping, or to book an appointment, please see below. Alternatively, you can contact us here and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your enquiry.

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