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Our Golf Club Services

Once you arrive at the Precision Golf Studio and meet your club-fitter, the session will start with a detailed analysis of your current equipment in one of our state-of-the-art custom fitting bays. Our golf club fitting services involve taking several measurements including shaft length, loft & lie angles, swing weight, total weight and shaft frequency (CPM – measured cycles per minute in oscillation). It is at this time you will be asked about your likes/dislikes of your current set, any favourite clubs, your main objectives for the session and any other issues you would like to address.

You will then warm up by hitting some practice balls in the bay - please use this opportunity to let your golf club fitter know of any previous or current injuries or other issues they might need to be aware of. After you are warmed up, the club-fitter will switch to your preferred golf ball and start capturing data with one of our Trackman 4 launch monitors.

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How Do We Tailor Our Golf Club Fitting Services To You?

Once we have a sample of launch monitor data from your current equipment, we will talk through the numbers with you, explain what they mean and how they tie into the performance you see on the course. We always ensure that our customers are provided with the information behind the decisions made. If your current equipment is performing well, we will explain why no change is needed. If anything, this could simply give you the confidence of knowing that your clubs are set up correctly, offering you peace of mind. Sometimes, the equipment you already have may be performing reasonably well, and only slight work will be needed to optimise performance.

For example, changing length, loft/lie angles, grip size or swing weight. In this instance, we would normally arrange a date for you to leave the clubs with us for the work to be completed within an agreed timescale. There are instances when light remedial work can be carried out at the time of the appointment. However, if there is an early indication of ill-fitting equipment where it may not be possible to use existing clubheads, this will be discussed during our golf club fitting service, and we will move on to testing new products.

Making A Recommendation

The next step in the golf club fitting service is for us to use our extensive in-house range of head and shaft combinations to improve performance by either gaining efficiency, improving distance, dispersion or consistency. Precision Golf is brand neutral, and we do not favour any one manufacturer over another – we deal purely on performance; we are driven by providing solutions that will make a noticeable impact on your game, regardless of the brand. You can be comforted with the knowledge that biases are not influencing the overall outcome of your fitting. Our golf club fitters are mindful of budget constraints and preferences on brand, looks and feel. We use these criteria, along with the data provided by TrackMan to find the right combination of equipment and specifications that will help you play better golf.

Why Choose Our Golf Club Services?

We offer a premium service which generally attracts a higher cost and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is the quality of fitting and superior build that you are paying for - the two must go hand in hand. All equipment supplied at Precision Golf is built by Master Club Builders who have built equipment for some of the best players in the world, and to the highest tolerances in the industry. Secondly, most of the 100s of shafts we use are of superior quality materials and tighter tolerances than you will find in off-the-shelf equipment, and these do carry a higher price. At Precision Golf you will be fitted for equipment in the most comprehensive way possible. The fact that our golf club services all take place under one roof means that there is never miscommunication between the club-fitter and workshop. Equipment is built perfectly to specification every time.

If you decide to proceed with any of the recommendations, we take full payment before your recommendations are put into production. We quote a lead time of up to 28 days to fulfil orders, as components may need ordering from multiple suppliers from all over the world. We have a continuous stream of ongoing builds and our after-sales manager Patrick Smith will keep you updated on the progress of your order. For most of the equipment built, we prefer you to collect your clubs at the studio in a complimentary appointment lasting approximately 45 minutes. This will involve hitting all your new clubs and your fitter also checking/adjusting loft and lie angles on any irons and wedges to ensure that your equipment is set up perfectly

If you have any other questions regarding our golf club fitting services, please don’t hesitate to ask. Get in touch with a member of our team today for more information.


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