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Barely four years old as a golf company, PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) have made a huge impact in the golf industry. No longer just golf clubs, PXG are producing luxury performance golf equipment, freeing the club designers of the shackles of price points. The talented pair of designers, Mike Niccolette and Brad Schweigert, have been allowed to produce golf clubs in the best way possible, with no restraints and financial hold ups, simply producing the best equipment they were able to.

PGX golf clubs’ first iron set was a game changer for the industry, the 0311 and its subsequent line extensions were different to anything that came before them. They had the thinnest face of any iron on the market, so they produced seriously hot ball speeds. They could only do this because the head design was hollow like a metal wood, and then filled with TPU, a material that gave the face support, while allowing it to flex at impact. It also made them feel wonderful and arguably softer than a traditional 1-piece forged iron, but with a touch less feedback.

These irons were released three years ago. There was no set time of release, no scheduled updates, and no pressure to release a new iron from founder and golf equipment fiend Bob Parsons, unless they had truly improved the design. With the 0311 Gen 2 irons, PXG have pushed the design forward.

In the three years since PXG launched their irons, other manufacturers have produced clubs with similar design traits. The extra distance those PXG golf club designs offered has been matched, so the design has had to evolve. From top to bottom there are now four iron models, the 0311T, 0311P, 0311 XF, and 0311 SGI, plus a 0311X driving iron.

We spoke to Richard Blamey, European Sales Operations & Distribution Manager for Parsons Xtreme Golf to find out how they've improved the iron models.

“The key change is the new COR2 material. It produces faster ball speeds than the TPE used in our GEN1 irons, our testing showed around 1-2 mph faster. And because the milled internal cavity is bigger, we’ve used more of it which softens the vibrations to give a great and even softer feel than the GEN1 irons.”

“It also increases the size of the effective hitting area. When you hit these they are so forgiving and the shot dispersion is so tight. You get that amazing feel of a forged club but with amazing forgiveness. We still have the world's thinnest face for great ball speed, and a 15 percent larger functional face area or sweetspot.”

“All the models have been refined, the T and P models have both been made neater, with more chamfer on the top line to make them appear thinner at address. The T really looks very bladelike now with it’s thin top line and sole."

“The big addition that we have is the SGI model. Standing for Super Game Improvement, Mr Parsons just tweeted that he had put them in the bag. He's very particular about his equipment, as we know because that's why he founded PXG. They're the easiest to use irons I've ever hit. They are easy to launch, about a degree higher than our XF heads, incredibly forgiving, but still with the amazing soft feel. And with the wide soles if you do happen to hit them fat you're still going to get great performance. What we are finding is that it's very easy to produce combo sets with the PXG range, especially with the 0311X driving irons as well.”

With Precision Golf’s founder sticking a set of 0311P irons into his bag, it’s a significant sign that these are awesome golf clubs. While people question the price, a properly fit set of PXG irons will be current for years to come, and technology wise are second to none on the market. So, if you’ve been asking yourself “where can I buy PXG golf clubs” you’ve come to the right place! Get in touch with Precision Golf today.

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