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The PXG 0811x Gen 2 Driver Review

PXG has been a blizzard on the golf market since they launched, shaking things up with unique technologies, distinctive marketing and much higher prices than the accepted norm. But does the new driver live up to the same standards, find out all the information in our PXG 0811x Gen 2 driver review.

While PXG’s irons were game-changers offering forgiveness, feel, and power that other irons just weren’t capable of, their first two lines of woods have only been good. Not great. And when you're paying PXG prices, you demand greatness. The original 0811 driver was spinny, while the PXG 0811x had a relatively small sweet spot to get the most out of the driver. Fairway woods and hybrids have been stronger performers, but the new 0811X Gen 2 woods will be a game-changer for the Arizona based brand. Not just from a performance perspective, which it is, but from its impressive price point. The RRP at £550 brings the club right back in the mix. Still the most expensive mainstream driver, it’s now only a fraction more expensive than the latest Callaway and TaylorMade drivers making it a strong contender.

What Makes the PXG 0811x Gen 2 Stand Out From The Crowd?

Our PXG 0811x Gen 2 driver review explores what makes it different from the rest. All the heads feature a Variable Face Technology to increase ball speed on miss hits, and also a honeycomb TPE insert. The lightweight material fine-tunes the sound and feel but does it without adding too much weight to the clubhead. There are two drivers in the line. The O811x is a low spin design, where the 0811XF is designed for extra forgiveness. Plus there are matching fairway woods and hybrids. Our review of the PXG 0811x Gen 2 showed that it has a deeper face, and is a slightly squatter model from front to back. The X features a weight-forward design for low spin and ball speed. There are 9 interchangeable weights so shot shape and trajectory can really be influenced, with weight ports in the front and back of the head, plus towards the heel to add some draw bias.

The XF is longer head front to back. The XF features weight further back and boasts the highest overall MOI on the market, right at the 5900 R&A limit, and over 10,000 MOI when you include the sole to crown MOI. The only driver comparable for forgiveness is the Ping G400 Max, but this features a lower centre of gravity. Super forgiving, and relatively low spin, who wouldn’t want that? Fairways and hybrids feature the same technology but use a steel construction rather than titanium. The fairway head is a touch on the small side, but is easy to hit, while PXG has hit a home run with their third hybrid in a row. In our opinion, we believe it has a great combination of head shape, size, ease of use, and adjustability.

PXG 0811x gen 2 driver review

The Verdict

Having reviewed the PXG 0811x Gen 2 on two separate occasions now, I can confirm that it is a great driver. The feel and sound of the driver is fantastic, a little livelier than the previous PXG driver, but still quiet and powerful which is impressive. More importantly, miss-hits feel good and also retain ball speed. The crown design is unique but not ugly, and it does help line up down the fairway. Personally, I’m not a fan of the X alignment, but I know other golfers will like it. Maybe PXG should offer the option of no alignment aid, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do going forward. The adjustable hosel does work for lowering the flight, and playing about with the weights did seriously affect the spin rate. I struggle with missing the ball left, so I didn’t test the heel setting. While it wasn’t the driver I ended up with, ball speeds were up there with the best drivers the year, and spin rates weren’t excessive. I’ve not ended up in this driver, but I was close and it would have been my second choice. The leather headcover is a great finishing touch, and it’s these extras that make PXG stand out, even now when their prices don’t. The price will no longer be a factor in choosing a PXG driver or not if it’s the best driver for you. That hurdle has now been removed from the equation.

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