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EVNROLL Golf Putters - Grooves Are At The Heart

I love golf equipment, give me a new driver and I’ll take it out on the course without as much as a practice swing. New hybrids, sure I’ll give them a whirl. Blades? Sure, I need to prove to myself how rubbish I am at this game from time to time. Putters though, I find one, and I trust it. And bar a couple of short sabbaticals, I’ve had the same putter in the bag for 12 years. Until it was stolen out of the boot of my car, but that’s a different story. That putter was a Rife Barbados.

I must have tried over 1000 different putters in that time. But the Rife looked great, lined up perfectly, it felt soft, and it got the ball rolling end-over-end better than anything I had ever putted with before or since. Until I first tried an EVNROLL putter.

Essentially Guerin Rife, the same man behind the Rife Evnroll putters I was so fond of, has built a self correcting putter. Now that is the holy grail of golf club design.

He's done this using grooves on the face that vary in width across the putter face; thicker in the centre, and thinner towards the heel and toe. The thinner grooves transmit more energy to the putt, balancing out the fact it's not been struck from the sweet spot. It's no longer a sweet spot you need to find, Guerin says the putter has "a sweet face!"

It sounds like putting voodoo, but that's not the only thing the grooves offer. As the grooves are curved, miss hits have a slight gear effect to them. Miss a putt on the toe and it will try its best to work its way back on the intended line.

EVNROLL golf putters

EVNROLL golf putters

Another nice feature is the two tiny dots on the top line. Designed to help with posture and alignment, the alignment aid should perfectly intersect them. If it doesn't the putter is indicating that you are too flat or upright at address. And Guerin’s belief is that if you want to make sure your putt comes in from the high side on a break g effort, line up right to left putts from the right dot and left to right from the left dot.

The putters are 100% milled in Carlsbad, California, and they have expanded the range quickly in a short space of time. Nine head shapes and 12 models including different neck types. The ER7 is very reminiscent of the Barbados, while the ER1. 2 is a great option for the classic Anser user. The ER9 might look like something out of Star Trek but it is the most stable putter on the market.

Word of mouth has done a great job so far, but results speak for themselves when you try the product. Exciting things are afoot, and we only expect it to keep building momentum.

Should you need to speak directly to any of the team about our EVNROLL golf putter fitting, click below or call us today on 01932 977777.



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