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Miura: Forging Perfection

Of all the brands stocked at Precision Golf, Miura is the one that has the most mystique. Miura forged irons aren’t just technological achievements like most modern equipment, but precision tools, bordering on art, and hand finished to perfection. When I was asked to write about Miura, it was because the Precision Golf team consider them to be the ultimate forging.

A boutique brand based in Himeji, Japan, the Miura family have been making golf clubs for over 61 years. Miura forged irons have been used to win tournaments all over the world including multiple majors, they just aren’t able to advertise the fact as they have been made under contract for larger mainstream manufacturers.

In early 2017 Miura’s worldwide distribution rights were bought by Howard Milstein, Co-Chairman of the Nicklaus Company and President, CEO and Chairman of the New York Private Bank and Trust, the largest family-owned bank in the USA. They are now are part of a wider golf portfolio including True Spec Golf, and Golf Magazine. And while the worldwide distribution has changed hands and they’re looking to broaden the reach of this historic brand, it’s still the Miura family themselves who make Miura the pinnacle of forged irons.

So what is different about these Miura Golf clubs that Katsuhiro Miura and his sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, craft every day? Miura forges his club differently to other manufacturers, manipulating the grain structure in the clubhead, by forging the iron head three times in the manufacturing process. This process makes the carbon steel in the head denser and makes it feel more solid at impact as well as offer more consistent.

Something else Miura do in their manufacturing process to their irons that no other brand offer, is a spin fused hosel. Most traditional forged irons feature a one-piece design, but by fusing the hosel, it gives Miura a consistency in manufacturing that the club builders at Precision Golf don’t find with other brands. Weight tolerances are exceptional, and you never have to make up head weight with tip weight like many brands. If you are looking for a set that offers a tonne of help, Miura may not be the brand for you. But if you are after a forged club head, that offers precise feedback on the quality of your ball striking, then there is no better option in the game.

Traditionally known for their classic muscle back blades (the Baby Blade is like no other iron made in the last 20 years), Miura forged irons tend to feature thin top lines and plenty of meat in the hitting area. They feel incredible on centre strikes but they've never offered much in the way of forgiveness. The MC501 “Muscle Cavity” features a very modern star weighted muscle design while still not as forgiving as a cavity back there is plenty of weight down low in the head to help with thin strikes, while it offers the longest face of any Miura muscle back design.

Elsewhere in the range, they offer the 1008 and 2008 Cavity back models. The 1008 is a traditional cavity back with weight low in the head, while the 2008 features a two-piece design in the longer irons for a higher launch, more forgiveness, and slightly faster ball speeds. They also offer a new IC 601 model, their first two-piece cast iron, designed to compete with PXG hollow design. While not forged, the irons are still designed and finished in Himeji and offer performance in a more traditional looking package than some other models on the market.

If you are looking for a set of irons that will win the launch monitor wars, then Miura may not be those clubs. If you are looking for golf clubs that offer precise feedback, wonderful forged feel, and consistent results from shot to shot, Miura golf clubs may be exactly the irons you are looking for.

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