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What is Intelligent Golf Performance Coaching?

At Precision Golf, we offer golf lessons in Surrey that deviate from traditional coaching styles. Intelligent Golf Performance (IGP) powers the coaching courses at Precision Golf, signalling a new approach to the way golf lessons and coaching is carried out. IGP is a holistic way of developing your entire game, by providing professional coaching. We are driven by customer satisfaction and quality results, so will do everything we can to provide coaching courses that really make a difference.

The term encompasses a diverse range of elements that have, until now, been treated as separate entities in many coaching arenas. What our approach to coaching offers is the chance to bring them together seamlessly so that a player's swing, consistency of performance and sports injuries can all be dealt with as one. Our professional golf coaches work hard to ensure that golfers develop their potential and improve their overall playing ability. Our golf lessons will undoubtedly positively impact your performance on the golf course.

Why Choose Our Golf Lessons?

Many players who seek coaching advice are commonly treated solely for their swing motion and seldom questioned/tested for the many ingredients that influence a golf swing. However, due to our wealth of experience and expertise within the golfing industry, we know that this is not enough. Biomechanics, concepts and practice regimes are simply the tip of the iceberg that can potentially impact a players’ golfing performance. Our professional golf coaches look deeper than any one swing theory or philosophy, making form and function top priority within each client’s specific capabilities to maximise their golfing potential.

Once a golfer develops, in order to get the very best out of their game, having a swing coach, equipment specialist, personal trainer and/or treatment practitioner on site, under the same roof and all singing from the same hymn sheet, will give you the very best chance to excel. We only deal in facts at Precision Golf and use the very latest technology to gain a pathway to success in the shortest time frame. You can have peace of mind knowing that our professional golf coaching courses just get down to the nitty-gritty, enabling you to achieve your ultimate goals.

Who Can Benefit from Our Professional Golf Lessons?

Here at Precision Golf, we know that regardless of your ability, anyone can benefit from professional golf coaching. Our golf lessons are available for all different ages and abilities. Our coaches will help you to improve and develop regardless of your existing experience.

Junior Golf Coaching Courses

We are proud to offer junior golf lessons for young golfers who are either just starting out or those who have already been playing for a number of years. Our coaches offer fun and engaging lessons which will help junior golfers to develop good habits which will benefit their performance over time. We can also offer custom fitting, to ensure they have the right clubs.

If you would like to know more information about our golf lessons in Surrey carried out by professional golf coaches with a proven track record, please get in touch today.

Alternatively please don’t hesitate to call our expert on all golf coaching lessons Stuart on 07958553642


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