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Stuart Robinson BSc (Human Biology) MChiro DC (Chiropractor)

Stuart is our golf swing biomechanics expert. A practising chiropractor, his professional training and interests have allowed him to work with golfers, both injured and healthy, to help them improve their games. He uses his knowledge of golf biomechanics to provide in-depth analysis of the golfer’s biomechanics assessment during physical movements (including the golf swing). This information allows him to isolate their physical weaknesses that can later be corrected. His role forms a link between a golf coach and a physical trainer, by making the player physically capable of consistently producing the technique they and their coach desire by using specifically tailored exercise routines for each individual.

Stuart has always had a passion for golf. His love of the game and interest in science led him to the St Andrews where he studied Human Biology. Whilst studying there he was awarded a Golf Bursary by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. After 4 years of further study and training he qualified as a chiropractor from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

Stuart continues to play golf off scratch at Walton Heath and St Andrews, he also enjoys cycling and has run two marathons, the second of which allowed him to raise funds for Myeloma UK.

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Golf puts stress on a number of areas of the body especially the wrist, lower back, neck and shoulders.

Stuart Robinson has years of experience of treating a wide range of golf and sport related injuries. As well as “hands on” or passive treatments for muscles and joints such as massage, mobilisation, manipulation and western medical dry needling, Stuart always tailors a rehabilitation programme of appropriate exercises for the individual given their specific needs. Stuart treats golfers and sports people of all ages and all ability levels.

Testimonial from a Surrey based PGA Golf Professional:

"I have known Stuart for a number of years and he has a sound knowledge of the body and how to treat areas of pain. I am a Golf Professional and he has helped me greatly in correcting my back issues and given me exercises to help improve my mobility. I would definitely recommend Stuart as he has greatly helped my back issues. He goes above and beyond after the treatment to make sure that you continue with the exercises and that you can see improvements."

During the course of a 2-hour golf biomechanics assessment, Stuart uses a wide range of tests of muscles and joints to determine where each individual's physical strengths and weaknesses are. He takes a detailed history of any past injuries you have had and the potential causes of these. This involves looking in detail at the range of movement of all the major joints of the body, including the spine. Objective measures of core muscle endurance will be tested and compared to future scores to monitor improvement.

Stuart will also include a detailed video analysis of many movements and exercises that closely relate to golf. He then analyses video footage of each player’s golf swing to see how his or her physical strengths and weaknesses affect their golf swing. Using our team set-up we can then assimilate the information gained about a player’s golf swing (from Stuart Cartwright’s coaching) with the physical findings from the biomechanics assessment. This information can then be used to produce a performance programme tailored to your specific needs as well as appropriate coaching and instruction to improve your technique. You will then be taught your new exercise programme in a follow-up session and your progress will be monitored.

Being assessed in this way forms an essential part of improving your golf. Virtually all the high performing amateur and professional golfers are looking very closely at their physical capabilities as the game’s best golfers become increasingly strong, flexible and athletic. Once we have assessed the key areas requiring improvement you will be provided with a personalised performance programme of exercises to enable you to become fitter, stronger and more flexible to meet the requirements of the golf swing.

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that in as little as 6-8 weeks golfers from teenage collegiate athletes to golfers in their 60’s and 70’s can significantly increase their flexibility and strength. This results in more club head speed and longer drives. Some studies even demonstrated an improvement in putting performance!

A summary of one study’s results as shown below:

  • Movement range increased 11.9 degrees in shoulder abduction, 15.3 degrees in hip flexion and 8 degrees in hip extension. On average, joint flexibility in the shoulder and hip areas improved by 24 percent.
  • The muscle strength assessments showed a 31.9-pound increase in the 10-repetition maximum leg extension weight load (an improvement of 55%).
  • Finally, the golfers achieved on average a 5 mph increase in their club head speed. This indicated a 6 percent improvement in driving power. That equates to turning a 250 yard drive into a 265 yard drive!

£210 for 2 Hour Biomechanics Assessment

£100 for 1 hour Biomechanics follow up

£110 for 60-90 minute Initial chiropractic consultation

£80 for 45 minute child under 16 initial consultation

£55 for 30 minute chiropractic follow ups

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