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Who We Are

Precision Golf was established in 2004 by James Davey & Simon Cooper with the aim of helping golfers identify and build their optimal golf clubs in the most efficient way within an ever more daunting equipment industry.

Despite the increasingly diverse range of clubs on the market, there remain only limited opportunities for golfers to receive truly objective advice from highly-trained experts with access to the latest clubfitting equipment.

At Precision Golf, our experience in both instruction, swing analysis and clubfitting, together with our technology, combine to deliver a unique service geared exclusively to providing golfers with the most appropriate equipment for their game, built and fine-tuned to the most exacting standards and specifications.

However, we appreciate that it not may not be possible for clients to visit Precision Golf. Discerning golfers might already knows their spec or have always played equipment set up the same way but still wants equipment hand assembled to the very tighest tolerances. In this instance please visit our Sister company, Your Spec Golf, established in 2013 to fulfil enquiries of this nature.

james davey & simon cooper

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer a personalised approach to selecting and building golf equipment tailored to each player's individual swing and personal requirements to maximise both performance and enjoyment of the game.

Our aim is to enable our customers to achieve outstanding success in their game of golf through a blend of unique experts and the latest technological breakthroughs. We are committed to offering an unparalleled service that will improve the flow of equipment fundamentals and subsequently lead to a lower handicap.

The exceptional talent, expertise and enthusiasm of our employees are key to Precision Golf's success and value.

mission statement


Our Surrey based studio is located in a 4,000 ft², state-of-the-art facility in easy reach of the M3 and A3 intersections of the M25.

The complex combines an indoor fitting suite housing the acclaimed TrackMan launch monitor systems, and a custom-designed workshop equipped with the latest cutting-edge, club building technology designed and engineered by Cool Clubs, Scottsdale, AZ. We also have access to the new generation of interchangeable head/shaft systems which have transformed the speed and efficiency of the fitting process, as well as to the latest mechanical and digital machines for both static and dynamic assessment of golf clubs and components.

This includes the revolutionary shaft 'Pureing' technology patented by the SST PURE Company for whom Precision Golf is one of the very few European licensees.

james davey

James Davey - Director & Clubmaker

James has been a member of the Professional Clubmakers Society since 2003, with a background in Design & Technology that dates back to his school and university days.

Clubmaking was clearly James' destiny, with his early passion for the game inspired by his great grandfather, a professional golfer and contemporary of the legendary J.H.Taylor, a five-time Open champion.

"The constant advancements in golf club design - and especially shaft technology - present fascinating new challenges for cutting-edge clubmaking," says James. "I thrive ondeveloping innovative and efficient techniques both to pioneer and incorporate the latest thinking, and always strive to make each of our clients' golf equipment not only technically precise in terms of specification, but also as individually personal as their signature."

"Seeing the satisfaction on their faces when they collect their new bespoke equipment reminds me of the day I built my own very first set of clubs for myself," he adds.

simon cooper

Simon Cooper - Director & Club Fitter

A former junior champion at Stoke Poges and West Hill GC, Simon played to a handicap of +1 in such established amateur events as the Brabazon Trophy, English Amateur, Berkshire Trophy, Tillman Trophy, and the Royal St George's Grand Challenge Cup.

As a professional he played on the EuroPro Tour and Challenge Tour in 2004, while also progressing to Final Open Qualifying in 2003 and 2006. Simon has a Distinction in Golf Management from Merrist Wood College and gained valuable early experience organising corporate golf days for prestigious clients, including Jaguar, Bentley and Mercedes-Benz on behalf of a leading Event Management company.

"Bespoke club fitting is all about being sympathetic to the player and ensuring their golf clubs complement both their swing and their approach to the game," says Simon. "It involves far more than just looking at clubhead speed and handicap and prescribing a Stiff or a Regular shaft."

"The challenge for the fitter is to assess each individual's swing profile and shot patterns in the context of their physical requirements and personal preferences; and, with a detailed knowledge of club design and technology, succinctly advise on the ideal clubs to suit both their performance potential and aesthetics," he explains.

"From my experience of fitting clients, and also playing with my amateur and professional contemporaries, I have developed an appreciation of the different ways the game can be played. It has taught me that it is inappropriate just to tell someone what equipment to use, given how the ideal solution is ultimately a complex equation involving careful interpretation of objective data and highly subjective individual preferences. [Indeed, I always stress that a truly 'fitted set of clubs requires considerable amount of input from the golfer themselves. This, in time, helps clients better understand their own game, allowing them to build on their strengths and minimise their weaknesses.]"

"It is a fascinating challenge to find a truly personalised solution for every client."

mark woodward

Mark Woodward - Club Fitter

Mark Woodward brings over 25 years of experience in the golf industry with expertise in the fields of club building, fitting as well golf retail management. Having previously worked at Callaway Golf as one of their main repair technicians, Mark has handled a huge variety of work from across the whole of Europe.

Mark has also held a Category 1 handicap for over 30 years, with the majority of that time as a squad member for the Surrey ‘A’ Team. Along the way he has held two course records, won eight club championships and been a county medal winner. Mark has an unrivalled passion for the game and relishes the challenge of helping others to improve their game and achieve their golfing goals.

nick scrutton

Nick Scrutton – Club Fitter

Nick has over 10 years’ experience working within the golf industry. He has been part of the inner workings of prestigious establishments such as Queenwood GC, Wentworth GC and, American launch monitor and simulator company Foresight Sports. Nick turned professional in 2014 off a handicap of +2 having enjoyed good success in the amateur ranks. Over the years he has notched up 4 professional wins across the UK & Ireland satellite tours. Nick first visited Precision Golf as a client over 10 years ago and is now applying his professional playing experience, and in-depth equipment knowledge in the PG Studio fitting golfers of all calibres.

nuno oliviera

Nuno Oliviera - Clubmaker

Nuno joins the team in the PG Workshop bringing with him over 10 years experience in the custom club-building world.

Having built tens of thousands of clubs over the years and overseeing quality control at Callaway Golf Europe Nuno is no stranger to ensuring perfection. So much so Joe Miller, the current World Long Drive Champion, insisted that his 50" long drivers were built by Nuno.

stuart robinson

Stuart Robinson BSc, MChiro, DC - Chiropractitioner & Biomechanics Specialist

Stuart qualified as a chiropractor at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in the United Kingdom. He is also a graduate of the University of St Andrews where he studied Human Biology.

Stuart is a very keen golfer and was awarded a golf bursary by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews whilst he studied at St Andrews. He also enjoys cycling and has run two marathons, the second of which allowed him to raise funds for Myeloma UK. When he gets the opportunity he also loves to ski.

As well as using joint manipulation / mobilization Stuart utilises dry needling (Western acupuncture) and tailored exercise programmes to help rehabilitate patients with muscle and joint problems.

stuart cartwright

Stuart Cartwright - PGA Professional & European Tour Coach

Stuart has been in golf since 1993 having started to learn his trade at World of Golf in New Malden. In the late 90s he became a full-time tournament professional playing on both the Challenge Tour and PGA Tour of Australasia. His experience in Australia allowed him to work with the Paul Chek Institute to develop his passion for the anatomical aspects of golf such as strength and condition and performance programmes.

Stuart has worked with a number of European Tour players including Steve Webster, as well as European Seniors Tour Professional, Mark Davis. Stuart is currently Nick Dougherty’s full time coach and caddie.

kate davey

Kate Davey - Personal Trainer

Kate is a Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer and Level 2 Gym Instructor. Kate will be contributing to our monthly blog with videos featuring golf specific exercise for strengthening, conditioning and core stability. She will also be offering individual Golf specific Personal Training sessions in our first floor studio with the ability to tailor programs to your exact needs.

But be warned Kate is no stranger when it comes to achieving ultimate goals having completed Ironman Lanzarote, the toughest of it’s kind, finishing in the Top 100 Ladies. Kate has also as competed in numerous Triathlons and 'Tough Guy' events, finally winning the Tough Guy Triathlon in 2012, and has also coached teams and individuals to County Division 1 level.

george mather

George Mather - Front of House Manager

George brings experience in customer service as-well-as his knowledge of the game. Working in one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the country, he has been involved in golf for the last few years and is very motivated in improving his game and reaching his goals. Having played many sports and having trials for counties in cricket, he found golf at a later stage in life than he wanted, but through determination and patience his game moves ever closer to his target of a low figure handicap.

Our status as truly independent club fitters and builders allows us access to the complete range of golf club components on the market, including all the major clubhead, shaft and grip manufacturers. In addition, we have established relationships with a select group of respected operators in many areas of the golf industry. These include:

Cool Clubs Llc

Cool Clubs are the largest independent club fitting organisation in the world with 16 sites in six countries with more sites in more countries planned. Like Precision Golf, Cool Clubs are not affiliated with any club manufacturer which means they fit clients with the equipment that performs best for them. All the equipment they fit is tested in-house using Cool Clubs developed software and testing equipment. Since they do not rely on each manufacturer's internal testing they know exactly how each club component performs against all other manufacturers. Precision Golf is proud with have formed an alliance with Cool Clubs in 2015 and now uses the very same software, technology and equipment for all fitting and building.

Visit or email the team on

Your Spec Golf Limited

Established in 2013 as a sister company to Precision Golf Limited, Your Spec Golf has been launched to meet the demands of discerning golfers in search of leading brand equipment built to very precise "tour level" specifications, often with aftermarket options not offered by manufacturers.

Your Spec Golf is particulary aimed at customers unable to travel overseas, for those that have been fitted before or have simply always played equipment set up a particular way. Even if you have a limited understanding of golf equipment Your Spec Golf can rebuild your existing equipment or hand build new equipment exactly how you need it, with components and colour options unavailable elsewhere, delivered straight to your door.

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Intelligent Golf Performance

Intelligent Golf Performance combines European Tour Led Coaching with Biomechanics programs by qualified professionals who work closely together in improving your game. This unique synergy of disciplines ensures more efficient game development producing more faster more effective results.

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