Golf Club Gift Vouchers Available!

Golf club gift vouchers from Precision Golf are the first perfect fix for hard-to-buy-for golf lovers! You no longer need to run the risk of purchasing an unsuitable gift. Investing in our golf gift vouchers is a thoughtful and safe way to ensure that the recipient of your gift can really enjoy it, without the risk of purchasing something that they simply would not use, or is not the right fit for them. The recipient will be able to spend their golf vouchers towards the following goods and services at the PG Studio. (NB - This excludes Coaching & Personal Training).

  • Custom Fitting Appointments
  • New Equipment
  • Equipment Reshafting
  • Club Regripping
  • TrackMan Gapping & Combine Tests
golf gift vouchers

Our golf club gift vouchers are the most simple yet effective gift for those who are passionate about golf but are particular about what they buy. At Precision Golf, our bespoke service means that the clubs we provide can be made specifically for you. For this, it is necessary that we conduct a number of tests, to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase. Of course, in order to conduct these tests, the golfer needs to be present. With our golf gift vouchers, there is still the option for the recipient to use them to craft a completely personal, individual club, meaning that the gift can still be custom, rather than generic.

How To Purchase

Click here to book by simply selecting the price denomination of your choice and following instructions through to the check out. The price range of our golf gift vouchers starts at £10 and goes all the way up to £1000, so you will not be at all restricted with how much you spend. Purchase one of our golf club vouchers for a thoughtful, yet flexible gift, ideal for any golf lover. Then, your gift card will be emailed to you!

*Golf Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed against coaching

For more information on our golf club gift and equipment vouchers or any of our other products and services, get in touch on 01932 977777, or visit our Contact Page. We are always happy to help!

NB - Vouchers are non-refundable and are valid for up to 12 months from date of purchase.