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Bespoke Fitting For Left Handed Players

Every player is unique and so it’s crucial that you have correctly fitted clubs to match your swing. Not only will they help to improve your performance, but they will also improve the amount of enjoyment you receive on course.

One group that often struggle when purchasing clubs are left-handed players. This is because there are generally far fewer options for “lefties” to test. Many retailers do not invest in full selections of left handed demo golf equipment simply because less than 10% of UK golfers play left handed.

Bespoke Golf Clubs For Left-Handed Golfers?

Our team of specialists here at Precision Golf are proud to provide left-handed players with an unparalleled opportunity to test a broad selection of left handed golf clubs with the most comprehensive demo shaft inventory in Europe. We also provide a complete left-handed golf club fitting service.

We will carry out a full, in-depth analysis of each of your existing clubs to identify whether they are the cause of any performance-related issues you may be having. By surveying every aspect from the club length, measured loft/lie and face angles, dead weight and swing weight, we will gain a detailed understanding of where your clubs may be showing signs of inconsistencies on the course.

This analysis will then be followed by the use of TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor, which allows us to see the clubs perform dynamically and identify any performance deficiencies. We will use these findings as a benchmark for us to improve on, whether we are going to be re-shafting your existing club heads or hand building your new equipment.

Using the latest interchangeable modern head and shaft technology available, we are able to test any combination of head and shaft models allowing us to create the ultimate setup tailored to suit your game.

This testing will then lead to us finding remedial solutions to fine-tune and reshaft your existing club heads, or hand-build you new premium clubs from any leading brand.

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