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Frequently Asked Golf Questions

Please see below a list of golf questions frequently asked by our customers.

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The "custom fitting" so essential to removing the guesswork in golf club selection is typically a loosely-defined term and, in practice, covers everything from a meaningless so-called 'fitting' based solely on a golf club's static specifications through to the ultimate scrutiny of swing, club components and precision building afforded a tour professional.

We believe our independence from any brand allegiance, and our emphasis on detailed individual consultation, precision fitting and bespoke club building, sets us apart from the custom fitting pack.

While we offer a tour-quality, technology-based approach to all areas of our equipment effort, Precision Golf welcomes golfers of all standards demanding a premium service. Whilst for the best golfers it is often a fine-tune on feel or ball flight dynamics, for the higher handicap the recommendations are likely to be more fundamental.

This often involves a change in shaft weight, length or flex which usually implies a greater effect on their overall game and enjoyment than for the top players. Indeed, we have also precision fitted and built clubs for golfers with a range of physical disabilities.

While many golfers can, over time, adapt to inappropriate equipment, they invariably do so by subconsciously compensating in ways that compromise their swing and limit their performance potential.

Modern technology now helps us appreciate the highly individual nature of the golf swing, and there is now widespread acceptance that golf clubs purchased 'off-the-shelf' are highly unlikely to efficiently complement a particular golfer's most naturally effective swing.

Just as there is no 'average pro', so there is no 'average 18 handicapper' - either in terms of physique, style of swing or, most importantly, launch conditions.

Our experience, as reflected in the accompanying case studies, confirms how different golfers - even if seemingly similar right down to identical ball speed - typically require widely differing equipment advice and club specifications to achieve their maximum potential.

Even tests using mechanical robot golfers are ultimately flawed when it comes to inferring what clubs are right for any particular individual. While robots can hit golf balls down the middle of a test fairway all day long with virtually any golf club, they do so precisely because their launch conditions have first been painstakingly 'dialled-in' to complement the characteristics of the club in question.

Such machines play an important role in testing perimeter-weighting, head construction, dispersion and durability. But, as they cannot 'feel' the golf club or be sensitive to weight, shaft length and flex, are inevitably limited as a 'buyer's guide' for real golfers.

The leading golf manufacturers - and even independent operators - may claim their latest test robot 'swings like a human'. But which human? The chances are it won't be you!


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