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gary mumford

Gary Mumford

Surrey Downs GC, Handicap 9

"Due to a manufacturing defect, my new driver shaft snapped when hitting a drive. In less than two weeks precision golf re-shafted my driver. Superb service."



18 Handicap

"After my initial assessment, Stuart provided me with a simple programme that I could do at home. It has significantly increased my balance, flexibility and strength, resulting in me adding 20 yards to my drives in less than 10 weeks"

pete lockett

Pete Lockett

Wentworth GC /Burghill Valley GC, Handicap 1

"Precision Golf simply excel in all aspects of their service, from superb customer service, to the flawless state of the art custom fitting and finally the superb build quality. Most importantly, they listen to what you want, and advise accordingly. This is simply custom fitting at its peak."

surrey based pga golf professional

Surrey based PGA Golf Professional

"I have known Stuart for a number of years and he has a sound knowledge of the body and how to treat areas of pain. I am a Golf Professional and he has helped me greatly in correcting my back issues and given me exercises to help improve my mobility. I would definitely recommend Stuart as he has greatly helped my back issues. He goes above and beyond after the treatment to make sure that you continue with the exercises and that you can see improvements."

kevin thompson

Kevin Thompson

Joyenval GC, Paris, Handicap 5

"Both of my visits to PG have been exceptional. 5 star club fitting that leads to great results on the course."

rory woolridge

Rory Woolridge

Cotswold Hills GC, Handicap 12

"A great experience at PG that resulted in new shafts in all irons and driver which has increased the percentage of better scoring and satisfaction through the consistency of being fitted properly rather that the ‘5 minutes’ you will get at certain retailers… Worth the trip and the time spent… Highly recommended"

steve white

Steve White

The Drift GC, Handicap 7

"Perfection describes the service from start to finish! The attention to detail is unrivalled as is the aftercare."

tim medlycott

Tim Medlycott

Hertfordshire, Handicap 17

"Was I sceptical when I thought about custom fit? Probably. Did I feel the need to do something? Yes. Did I feel comfortable spending money doing it? No, what if it didn’t work? Was I looking for instant results? Yes but didn’t believe it would happen. Has it? Not quite but damn near almost!  Was it money well spent? Yes and I believe it will only get better as I get to know the feel of the clubs. Of course there is no accounting for the player!! But I was lucky to know Simon is the brother of an ex work colleague (comfort factor) and I wasn’t let down in anyway. Would I recommend Precision Golf…? 100% I would. Thanks Simon."

luke greatrex

Luke Greatrex

Thorpe Hall GC, Handicap 5

"Precision Golf have enabled me to reduce my handicap from 13 to 5!"

peter nunn

Peter Nunn

Pannal Golf Club, Handicap 11

"When I visited Precision Golf I held a 17.3 handicap and comfortably within their 2 year guarantee period I am now 10.8 ......nuff said! I can't recommend Precision Golf enough!""

colin caulfield

Colin Caulfield

Woodcote Park, Handicap 5

"I know my clubs are perfect for me and I have full confidence in them thanks to Precision Golf. If my shots go offline, it can only be down to pilot error!"

rob healey

Rob Healey

Hanbury Manor GC, Handicap 6

"Precision Golf’s comprehensive and analytical appraisal of my equipment was both informative and great fun. The benefits of their services were evident in my ball striking and scores."

stuart shephard

Stuart Shephard

Foxhills GC, Handicap 18

"A wonderful experience being fitted using Trackman and seeing how the different shafts and heads impact your strike. The new Driver, 3 wood and hybrid are excellent and have made me far more confident when using them on the course and, more importantly started to bring my scores down."

mimi rhodes

Mimi Rhodes

England Girls U18 Squad, Handicap +1.8

"After getting new irons and adjusting my woods, I now am scoring better and more consistently in 4 round competitions because my previous clubs were too long and too heavy. Fantastic results, thanks Mark."

phillip korn

Phillip Korn

Porters Park GC, Handicap 10

"Although a long way to get to, it’s always a pleasure purchasing a club through Simon Cooper as he really is an expert in his field. Precision Golf takes the time to go through all the processes required to making clubs you will enjoy hitting for many, many rounds."

david langley

David Langley

Castle Royal GC, Handicap +4

"Precision Golf is the only company I truly trust to build me the right equipment, they are honest and offer great value for money when compared to other fitters."

peter sung

Peter Sung

South Buckinghamshire GC, Handicap 17

"Having lost strength on my right arm and hand due to a car accident Precision Golf made clubs for me so that I can still enjoy golf, to me that is magic. Thanks Guys!"

adrian brogan

Adrian Brogan

Boyce Hill GC, Handicap 2

"As a competitive golfer having the correct equipment is paramount. With best in class professionalism and an array of technological wizardry Precision Golf ensured I had the best equipment for my game."

sabu lohithakshan

Sabu Lohithakshan

Wanstead Golf Club, Handicap 16

"Precision Golf made me a set of irons approx. 10 years ago which I’m still using to this date because the clubs are fantastic. The feel and accuracy I’ve not experienced with any of my friend’s clubs which I have borrowed from time to time. Great decision all those years ago."

jeff grove

Jeff Grove

Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Handicap 20

"I had my driver, and 3 wood fitted. The changes made gave me longer drives, 3 wood worked much better. The driver had a shaft change, 3 wood shaft was reduced. Brilliant, I had a great time with Mark Woodward."

nick dougherty

Nick Dougherty

European Tour Pro

"After playing on the European tour for over a decade, I have worked with many different coaches. Stuart Cartwright is the most knowledgeable of them all."

tony abbott

Tony Abbott

Cuddington Golf Club, Handicap 15

"Quite simply if your serious about getting more consistent at golf and reducing your handicap then these guys are the best. Totally unbiased to any club manufacturer their knowledge in particular with what shaft is best fit for your game is very impressive. No pressure to buy anything and if what you’re playing with is already right for you then they will say so!"

pierre hoppener

Pierre Hoppener

Mill Ride GC, Handicap 22

"The PG team, their facility and my recent customer experience was awesome. I’m loving my new clubs and they’ve helped me shave 6 strokes of my handicap in just a couple of weeks.  I have no hesitation in recommending the good folks at Precision Golf to any golfer who is serious about improving they game."

stuart mcconnachie

Stuart McConnachie

Woburn GC, Handicap 7

"Precision Golf continue to provide me with a professional service incorporated within my latest set of PXG Golf Clubs. The quality of specification and build has improved my ball striking, ball control and distance management providing me with confidence out on the golf course - Precision Golf really do provide a first class one to one custom fit service"

gerry mcsloy

Gerry McSloy

Gerrards Cross GC, Handicap 7

"A professional service with a great choice of equipment. The best advice, even to the extent of saying “keep your current driver, there is nothing on the market that produces better results"

julian roberson

Julian Roberson

Gog Magog GC, Handicap 5

"I was a bit dubious about whether the new clubs would make that much of a difference, but they have turned my golf game around!"

guy outram

Guy Outram

Henley GC, Handicap 9

"The swing analysis and feedback has meant I now have a set of woods and wedges I can completely trust. Shot dispersion and accuracy has greatly improved - Excellent customer service too. Next step is my irons - I'll be back!"

golf professional

Golf Professional

"I have known Stuart for a number of years and he has a sound knowledge of the body and how to treat areas of pain. I am a Golf Professional and he has helped me greatly in correcting my back issues and given me exercises to help improve my mobility. I would defintely recommend Stuart as he has greatly helped my back issues. He goes above and beyond after the treatment to make sure that you continue with the exercises and that you can see improvements."

tom williams

Tom Williams

Gog Magog GC, Handicap +1

"I was never 100% convinced that the benefits of club-fitting would be worth the money and make a real difference to my game. I was wrong. As a scratch golfer for a number of years, my handicap came down by a full shot to +1, which at this level was a HUGE gain - as I hadn’t become a better golfer overnight – so it must be the technology and the fitting from the guys at Precision Golf."

martin davies

Martin Davies

Tewkesbury Park GC, Handicap 7

"My experience on the day of fitting couldn't be faulted, with every detail being afforded the utmost attention. The choice of head, shaft and grip was phenomenal. I honestly felt I couldn't have been in better hands. My handicap has fallen from 9 to 7, despite playing and practising less than in previous seasons. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Precision Golf as being at the pinnacle of fitting experiences."

david domanski

David Domanski

Golf Professional

"My experience with Precision Golf and Stuart Robinson has been nothing but positive; I have developed a much better understanding of my body's role in the golf swing and through Stuart's customised exercises and training programme, I gained a 5mph increase in swing speed after 6 weeks; without any major swing changes"


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